About YOOConnect

YOO stands for Your Office Online.  And that is what YOOConnect delivers.

YOOConnect can instantly provide you with a YOO website that allows you to:

·   capture information provided by your clients in online questionnaires; and

·   automatically place that information into documents required by you and, or, your clients.

Create your own questionnaires and documents or use questionnaires and documents created by YOOConnect. It is up to you. If you use YOOConnect's questionnaires and documents, you are free to change them in any way you want to suit your particular needs. YOOConnect provides you with complete flexibility to maintain your own professional standards and individual style.

Link your YOOConnect website to your own website. Change the branding and colouring of the YOOConnect website to match that of your website so that, as far as the world is concerned, YOOConnect is a completely integrated part of your business’s online presence.

So, if you think that it’s a good idea to be able to capture all of your clients’ information and automatically generate from that information all of the documents required to satisfy your clients' needs, YOOConnect is perfect for your business.

To obtain more information about YOOConnect, please watch our introductory video.

What have you got to lose? Start a 30 day free trial and we will show you what YOOConnect can do for your business.

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